The Amanchukwu Lab is actively recruiting Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Undergraduates to join us on the quest for designing and understanding next generation electrolytes for batteries and catalysis. You can expect to push boundaries in chemical synthesis, in-situ characterization tools, and electrochemistry. My goal is to support both your personal and professional dreams.

Graduate Students: Apply to PME or other UChicago departments! Once admitted, email me to discuss projects of interest and your desired career path.

Postdoctoral Scholars: Reach out to me with your CV, interested research projects/research direction, and names of 3 references. Your CV should clearly indicate your skills.
Note: Postdoctoral Scholars interested in working at Argonne National Lab can also reach out. We can discuss ways for you to work at both UChicago and Argonne.

Undergraduates: We are always excited to work with interested undergraduates. Expectation will be for you to work in the group for at least one year. Email me indicating your research interest and your career path.

Contact: chibueze (at) uchicago.edu


The Amanchukwu Lab at the University of Chicago

The mission of the Amanchukwu Lab at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering is to creatively solve energy-related challenges, especially focused on energy storage and electrocatalysis. Within energy storage and electrocatalytic devices, electrolytes are a vital component that support ionic and molecular transport. The Amanchukwu Lab is focused on the design and synthesis of novel electrolyte media (solid state and liquid), and the study of electrolyte instability and ionic transport phenomena for applications in batteries and electrocatalysis. Borrowing concepts from chemistry and tools from biology, we aim to control interfacial phenomena at the electrode/electrolyte interface, understand degradation mechanisms, and use advanced characterizations tools (especially at Argonne National Lab) for in situ and operando understanding of energy devices.