US-Nigeria Engineering PhD Workshop

Chibueze recently hosted the first annual US-Nigeria Engineering PhD workshop (October 2020) that was focused on equipping intelligent and high-achieving Nigerian undergraduates to apply successfully to US engineering PhD programs. Although the workshop focused on Nigerian students, the information will still be relevant for other African students.

The workshop focused on the US PhD application process, how to write a successful statement of purpose, experiences of current Nigerian PhD students, and career opportunities available after a PhD. The workshop was broken down into a series of panels. All the videos are below.


Here are additional resources that can help you with your application. You can click on the links to see the files.

US Engineering PhD application process. These slides were kindly provided by Chiamaka Obianyor. See Link

Writing a successful statement of purpose. These slides were kindly provided by Olamide Oladeji. See Link

You can find an example of a relevant statement of purpose from a Stanford University PhD student. See Link

CV template: Feel free to download this template and add your own information. See Link

TheBridgeInitiative: An initiative that allows high-performing Nigerian students to request mentors to help them through their application process. See Link


More about my department. We are always looking for amazing students. See Link.


Welcome Remarks/Introduction


Focus on the US-PhD Application Process

Writing a successful statement of purpose

Focus on current PhD students

Career opportunities after a PhD