Research Experience for Nigerian Engineering Undergraduates (RENEU)

Mission: To provide world class virtual research experience to Nigerian students.

Why this program?: The world is rapidly changing with seismic advances in AI, energy, medicine, biology and more. Research is the key. How do we ensure that Africans are an integral part of these changes and ensure that they are not left behind? Our approach with RENEU is to provide high achieving Nigerian undergraduate students with research experiences such that they are competitive for US PhD programs. These are our future researchers and leaders of the scientific enterprise. This program strives to make this dream possible. RENEU was first run in 2023 and was very successful. See this news story for more information. The second year of the program is now open!

a) Be a current undergraduate in a Nigerian university
b) Must currently be in your fourth year (preferred) or fifth year (‘final year’)
c) Must be interested in applying for graduate school (PhD) in the US
d) Pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering, or Materials Science/Engineering (or similar)
e) Be on track for a first class (preferred) or second class upper (2:1)

*Finalists will be required to submit verification of academic credentials (e.g., transcript)

APPLY HERE. Deadline is March 1st, 2024

Program structure
a) Submit your application. Finalists will be emailed for a virtual Zoom interview. Final decisions will then be emailed to selected applicants.
b) Once selected, you will be paired with a US-based research lab for a summer research project (Virtual)
c) The research experience is projected to last 8-10 weeks. Projects are projected to start in late June 2024 and end in late August 2024
d) Meet with mentor at a predetermined frequency.
e) Present final results/project update at a summer workshop (tentatively planned for first week of September in Nigeria (in person))

Potential research projects
This research experience is virtual! Because of the virtual nature, the projects will be computational. Projects such as a) density functional theory calculations b) molecular dynamics simulations c) data science d) AI/ML e) modeling etc.

Potential research advisors
a) Professor Chibueze Amanchukwu (
b) Professor Shirley Meng (
c) Professor Po-Chun Hsu (
d) Dr. Birali Runesha (

The groups listed above participated in RENEU 2023. More groups will be added!

Additional program benefits
A research and student mentor
Access to computational resources (server access)
Funds to buy “data”
“In-kind” support for graduate school PhD applications (application fees, GRE testing, Application review and similar)

RENEU 2023 Cohort
Fortune Adekogbe (University of Lagos)
Stanley Eshiemogie (University of Benin)
Prosperity Oguama (University of Ilorin)
Tobechukwu Okamkpa (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)
Mariam Sanni (Obafemi Awolowo University)

Program sponsors
UChicago Global
US National Science Foundation CAREER Award
US Department of Energy Early Career Award
In kind support from Savvy Afro Success
Please reach out to Chibueze Amanchukwu ( if interested in supporting the program and enabling research experiences for Nigerian students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
a) Is the research experience paid?
The research experience is unpaid. While getting funding from US-based institutions to support ‘foreign students’ is very difficult, we hope program success provides a pathway to getting future funding.
b) Why is this program only for Nigerian students?
This is considered a pilot and the PI has a network of Nigerian students and potential mentors. If successful, it is our goal to recruit from other African countries.
c) Why is a first class degree preferred?
The goal of this program is to prepare students for success in gaining admission to top US research institutions. A first class degree is not required for admission, but is often highly desired.
d) Is coding experience required?
Although not required, it is certainly highly desired. Some projects may not involve significant coding and efforts will be made to match students interests with the relevant projects
e) Why only chemical engineering or materials science/engineering?
The summer research projects are geared towards those with chemical engineering or materials science backgrounds.